Little Secrets Become Big Hurts

I see the fear within her eyes…deepest, darkest pain and terror that once claimed my childhood’s soul. She looks downward to hide the sorrow so many can never imagine…. But I know. Inside, I know. And I weep for her.

You see, I know this little girl. I sense the wickedness that goes on behind the doors of the corrupt environment she must visit too many times. My ears have heard and my heart relates. When you’ve been down that road with the very same child molester, you understand the signs. I’ve tried so hard to rescue her. I’ve made those calls to report the wrongs to no avail. No proof, no charges. And the abuse will never stop.

She’s only eight years old. Her sister is seven years older, and it happened to her. When an abuser starts, he doesn’t stop. He only looks for his next victim. And it makes the child within me relive the years that broke my spirit and crushed the person I was meant to be.

I pray for this child, but I only wish I could take away the wounds that suffocate her youth. What will she become? Will she be rescued in time? Will she find redemption that I only recently claimed after this man robbed my innocence 53 years ago?

Horror infuses my being when I see him around her, and I cringe at the thought of her being used for his gratification. Hell holds a special place for people who will hurt an innocent child. This pain will follow her for years to come…her lifetime. The nightmares never stop until you realize you cannot allow someone to have that power over you. I pray she will find her voice and get away soon.

God bless our children. The world is so unfair. People need the love of Jesus, for Jesus would never hurt his children.

The following poem is from page 250 of my book, Heart Written – Breaking Free. Order a personally signed copy with free shipping directly from this blog on the Home page or HeartWritten – Breaking Free, the Book page.


Unvoiced Questions

What caused you to hurt me?
Who gave you that right?
What caused me to give in
And not try to fight?

 What thoughts came to your mind
When you hurt me so?
Did you hear my heart cry
For you to let go?

 How dare you not notice
Those tears in my eyes,
My hands, as they trembled,
That fear, not disguised!

 Nobody must find out.
I gave you my word;
Or else, you would tell them
It never occurred.

 So young and afraid then,
No one would I tell.
For all of my childhood,
I’d live through this hell.

 My life would be tainted
With visions of pain.
No one could imagine
My past was to blame.

 And how were you punished?
Were nights filled with fear?
Or did you have sweet dreams
While mine disappeared?

 This child still remembers
And cries ’til this day.
But, through God’s sweet mercy,
Her heart found its way.

 I pray you’ll recover
From Satan’s sick plan
As you bid good riddance
To that evil man.

 Though questions unanswered
Remain in my mind,
Forgiveness I’ve granted
While sweet peace I find.

©2010 Doris Hayes Gibson
All Rights Reserved

About Heart Written: Doris Hayes Gibson

My name is Doris Hayes Gibson. My life revolves around Jesus Christ, my Creator, my Redeemer, the Lord of my worship, and the Hope for my tomorrow. My passion is to illustrate God's beauty and love through poetry and song lyrics. I have created hundreds of framed poetry images. Some were gifts of encouragement; some to honor a memory of a loved one, and some were created to help someone celebrate a special occasion. After living out of state for several years, I am, once again, residing in the beautiful Upstate of South Carolina. I have three grown children, five grandchildren, and a blue tortoiseshell Burmese cat. Illustrating God's beauty and love through words of poetry is my deepest passion. Although I have always enjoyed writing, it wasn't until 2005 (when God shut one door) that I realized He was opening the door of a tremendous opportunity to see Him use me in a spectacular way. While I do not claim any greatness of ability in any shape or form, I do know that God brought me through many trials and heartaches for such a time as this. I am now able to share this gift of poetry, with which He has blessed me, to magnify Him through blessing others. I Peter 4:10,11 states: "Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God's grace in its various forms. If anyone speaks, he should do it as one speaking the very words of God. If anyone serves, he should do it with the strength God provides, so that in all things God may be praised through Jesus Christ. To him be the glory and the power for ever and ever. Amen." Through my writings, my main goal is to edify Christ. If I have touched one person in a positive way through this ministry, I know it will be worth every effort I put into my work. As I have said before, "This is My Labor of Love...but God's Work of Art." My first book, Heart Written - Breaking Free, was published in November of 2012. It is my prayer that it will reach countless souls and bless lives in tremendous ways. In 2014, my second book, Heart Written - Calling Me, was published. My third and fourth books, Heart Written - Cleansing River and Heart Written - Guarded Treasures, are now available. Please visit any online bookstore to purchase my books or contact me for your personally signed copies of my Heart Written series.
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12 Responses to Little Secrets Become Big Hurts

  1. cwilburne says:

    There is a special place in hell for these abusers.. I pray a bloodline of Jesus aground this little girl in The Name of Jesus, that He send MINISTERING ANGELS TO SURROUND HER.


  2. Thanks for the likes, D. You’ve been in my prayerful thoughts. Have been wondering how you are doing. Are you okay….enough? Xxxx Diana


  3. Diana, you are so welcome. I’m okay. Just feeling a little down and out right now. Life gets tough at times. 😦 Thanks so much for the thoughts.


    • God uses us in our weakness, right? The blogger I referred to you said she has been following and has found it helpful to be here. She is shekinahaddonai – something like that. I hope you are hanging in there. If you don’t feel up to it, please — that’s fine. But you ask, “Who am I?” on your blog. Something I’ve been exploring – the last two posts – that women have really taken to. All my love, Doris. The sun will shine. Diana


  4. God Bless You Doris and I pray for all of the children that have gone and are going through this hell. A child should be kept innocent for as long as God intended.

    You are in my prayers Doris.


  5. You’re so right, Ted. God bless you.


  6. amandalannon says:

    How frustrating to not be able to do anything to remove that evil from that child’s life. Why are the authorities so blind? It is as though they condone his behaviour. Bless you for your love and prayers for this little girl and all the little girls, who, like us, ” who will someday grow up to find that little girl still cries.”


  7. Shared on FB and Google+. May God protect our children…


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