My Heart-Written Blogs

Writing is my passion and through it, I desire to share my heart with others who are hurting. Life can be a painful experience, especially if you’re carrying the burden of disappointments and trials alone. One reason that causes us undue heartache is we don’t reach out to the One Who truly cares about us. There is nothing too difficult for God. We are not meant to suffer in silence. Christ gave His life and bore our iniquities. He hears our every cry and sees each tear that escapes our eyes. Allow Him to place His loving arms around you and remove the sorrow that overwhelms you.

Declare your victory over the lies of Satan. He doesn’t care about you. He wishes to destroy your life. Reclaim your freedom from the pain and shame that desires to defeat you. You can break free from every chain . . . in Jesus’ name!

I hope you will enjoy reading through my blogs. Reach into the depths of whatever may be the source of your pain, and allow Jesus to restore the peace that passes our ability to comprehend.

Doris Hayes Gibson



2 Responses to My Heart-Written Blogs

  1. Felecia says:

    Your words are so powerful Doris, they speak the Truth. May God continue to use you in a mighty way…I look forward to reading more…thank you for sharing your gifts!

    In His Peace,


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