Behind the Veil

The Tears of a Clownmasks

 She smiles through her pain as she passes through the crowded streets. She laughs with her friends when she really wants to go home and cry into the silence of her pillow. The mask she wears disguises what the person deep inside feels and craves.

 How many times have we pretended to be someone else…hiding our struggles and wounds? No matter how hard we may try to disguise our hurts, God knows our “real” inner being. Absolutely nothing is hidden from Him. We must allow Him to heal the inner man and bring victory over Satan’s lies. It’s only through faith in God we will have the ability to take off that veil and become all that He desires us to be. Let go of those chains that have you bound…in Jesus’ Name! SHAKE LOOSE!

Just Be You

Who hides behind that face I see?
That smile, is it for real?

Do you have joy beneath your veil,
Or is it pain you feel?

 Is your life filled with hope and love,
Or does life bring you down?
Is your heart masquerading grief—
The act of a circus clown?

 I sense your sadness when you speak—
Despair, words can’t disguise.
The laughter you reveal to all
Reflects not in your eyes.

 Take off the make-up of that clown;
No show for you today.
Release the hurt within your soul
And bow your knees to pray.

 Allow the Lord to take the pain;
Refresh that inner man.
It’s not His will you wear this mask;
Your freedom is His plan.

 Just be yourself—the one God made—
The one He’s always loved.
You’ll find your joy will be complete,
For you will be enough.

© 2011 Doris Hayes Gibson
All Rights Reserved

About Heart Written: Doris Hayes Gibson

My name is Doris Hayes Gibson. My life revolves around Jesus Christ, my Creator, my Redeemer, the Lord of my worship, and the Hope for my tomorrow. My passion is to illustrate God's beauty and love through poetry and song lyrics. I have created hundreds of framed poetry images. Some were gifts of encouragement; some to honor a memory of a loved one, and some were created to help someone celebrate a special occasion. After living out of state for several years, I am, once again, residing in the beautiful Upstate of South Carolina. I have three grown children, five grandchildren, and a blue tortoiseshell Burmese cat. Illustrating God's beauty and love through words of poetry is my deepest passion. Although I have always enjoyed writing, it wasn't until 2005 (when God shut one door) that I realized He was opening the door of a tremendous opportunity to see Him use me in a spectacular way. While I do not claim any greatness of ability in any shape or form, I do know that God brought me through many trials and heartaches for such a time as this. I am now able to share this gift of poetry, with which He has blessed me, to magnify Him through blessing others. I Peter 4:10,11 states: "Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God's grace in its various forms. If anyone speaks, he should do it as one speaking the very words of God. If anyone serves, he should do it with the strength God provides, so that in all things God may be praised through Jesus Christ. To him be the glory and the power for ever and ever. Amen." Through my writings, my main goal is to edify Christ. If I have touched one person in a positive way through this ministry, I know it will be worth every effort I put into my work. As I have said before, "This is My Labor of Love...but God's Work of Art." My first book, Heart Written - Breaking Free, was published in November of 2012. It is my prayer that it will reach countless souls and bless lives in tremendous ways. In 2014, my second book, Heart Written - Calling Me, was published. My third and fourth books, Heart Written - Cleansing River and Heart Written - Guarded Treasures, are now available. Please visit any online bookstore to purchase my books or contact me for your personally signed copies of my Heart Written series.
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